Thank you for visiting. Custom replacement seats and seatcovers are our specialty. New for 2020 we have the "Suite Seats LUXURY EDITION" seats. As comfortable as your favorite recliner. Please do not fall asleep while driving your golf cart! We also have the "Original Suite Seats" in the Villager and non-Villager styles, the "Touring Edition Seats" in the Villager and non-Villager styles, and the "OEM Style Seats" which are the bench style that is similar to the original seats from the factory. The "OEM Style Seats" are available in a solid (one tone) color, or as a two-tone seat. We also have replacement "Staple On Seat Covers" available for almost all makes and models in many styles. Currently the replacement seats are taking approximately 2-3 WEEKS to ship, and the seatcovers are also taking approximately 6-7 WEEKS to ship. The Luxury edition seats are only available in five colors, and usually they will be in stock for immediate shipment, but right now they are also taking 2-3 WEEKS.