Silicone Golf Cart Steering Wheel Cover

Silicone Golf Cart Steering Wheel Cover
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Product Description


Do You:

•Get Black Marks On Your Pockets After Playing Golf?

•Have Arthritic Hands?

•Want To Stop The Spread Of Germs?

•Want A Warmer Steering Wheel In The Winter And A Cooler Steering Wheel In The Summer?

•Ever Have The Steering Wheel Slip Out Of Your Hand When Turning the Wheel?

Then This Is The Product For You!

Fits all major brands of golf cart steering wheels: E-Z-GO, Club Car, and Yamaha, and others

•Made of durable silicone material

•Can easily be rolled up and stored in your golf bag

•Protects your shorts, pants, and skirts from marks caused by the steering wheel

•Washable, easy to install and remove

•Dishwasher safe

•External Diameter: 13" inch;Inner Diameter: 11"

How many times have you asked yourself, where do those marks come from that keep showing up on my shorts or pants pockets? Many golfers think they come from your tees inside your pocket, or maybe from the golf ball rubbing on your pocket. The mystery is over! The next time you are driving the cart and you completed your round, notice how many black marks are on your pocket and then look to see how many are on your passengers pocket. The steering wheel is the culprit. Every time you get in and out of the cart, there is a very good chance your going to rub your right pocket against the steering wheel. The more you rub against that steering wheel, the more marks that end up on your pocket.

We steering wheel cover is the answer to your problems. No more having to wear dark shorts, or skirts on those 90 to 100 degree days, because your worried about ruining your favorite clothes forever. No more having to soak those clothes for days or coming up with special mixtures of detergent and special soap to try and get those dark marks out. Most of all, no more having to bring extra clothes with you, because when your finished you have unmarked shorts to wear out for dinner.