8" GTW Yamaha Ivory Steel Wheel (Centered)

8"  GTW Yamaha Ivory Steel Wheel (Centered)
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Product Description

8x7 Yamaha Ivory Steel Wheel, Specifications:, 8x7 Centered Steel Wheel, Yamaha Ivory Finish, Center Cap NOT Included, *Lug Nuts Sold Separately, *Note:Don't forget to order a complete set of 4 | OEM Cross Reference: Manufacturer & Part Number WHL 806 CRM B1 W14 080005 BU CPR1010B CP ZWHL-211 EC W8704RA GW W8704YA GW 43017-66B IMC None TIRB07A204080E SSWHEEL TIRC02B023017080E SSWHEEL TIRC02C02202080E SSWHEEL TIRC02C022068080E SSWHEEL TIRC02C022079R080E SSWHEEL TIRC03C022068080E SSWHEEL TIRC03C034036080E SSWHEEL TIRC04C022068080E SSWHEEL TIRC04C02277080E SSWHEEL TIRC05C02233080E SSWHEEL TIRC23C022068080E SSWHEEL