22x11.00-8 Duro Desert A / T Tire (Lift Required)

22x11.00-8 Duro Desert A / T Tire (Lift Required)
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Product Description

22x11.00-8, 2-ply, Desert off-road tire|OEM Cross Reference: Manufacturer & Part Number TIR-215 EC ZTIR-213 EC ZTIR-215 EC 31-24408-10 GW TIRA02B04146 SSTIRE TIRC02B041046080B SSTIRE TIRC02B041046080C SSTIRE TIRC02B041046091B SSTIRE TIRC02B041046091Bl SSTIRE tirc02b041046091br SSTIRE TIRC02B041046091D SSTIRE TIRC02B041046091F SSTIRE TIRC02B041046091I SSTIRE TIRC02B04146079P SSTIRE tirc02b04146091c SSTIRE TIRC02B04146091U SSTIRE TIRC02D041046091F SSTIRE