23x10.50-12 Duro Desert A/T Tire (Lift Required)

23x10.50-12 Duro Desert A/T Tire (Lift Required)
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Product Description

23x10.50-12, 4-ply, All Terrain Desert off-road tire|OEM Cross Reference: Manufacturer & Part Number T02 2312 B1 1073 BU TIR-218 EC ZTIR-218 EC ZTIR-2181 EC 31-24412-16 GW D24412 GW 17286 IMC 8060 JA TIRC23B051046116S SS TIRE TIRA02C05146 SSTIRE TIRA23B051046 SSTIRE TIRC02C051018121K SSTIRE TIRC02C051046086P SSTIRE TIRC02C051046097F SSTIRE TIRC02C051046114F SSTIRE TIRC02C051046115S SSTIRE TIRC02C051046116S SSTIRE TIRC02C051046118P SSTIRE TIRC02C051046125D SSTIRE TIRC02C051046125P SSTIRE TIRC02C05146091D SSTIRE TIRC02C05146114D SSTIRE TIRC02C05146114F SSTIRE TIRC02C05146115H SSTIRE TIRC02C05146116S SSTIRE TIRC02C05146119K SSTIRE TIRC02C05146121D SSTIRE TIRC02C05146121K SSTIRE TIRC02C05146122P SSTIRE TIRC02C05146142Y SSTIRE TIRC02C05146143D SSTIRE tirc02c05146143k SSTIRE TIRC02C05146163Y SSTIRE TIRC02C05146304BX SSTIRE TIRC02C05146404BX SSTIRE TIRC02C05146SS106BX SSTIRE TIRC02C05146SS107BX SSTIRE TIRC02C05146SS704BX SSTIRE TIRC02D04046091K SSTIRE TIRC23B051046086P SSTIRE TIRC23B051046116 SSTIRE TIRC23B051046116S SSTIRE TIRC23B051046141K SSTIRE TIRC23B051046304BX SSTIRE